Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Writing in Februar 2009.
I came home 30. september from a very inspiring stay in Mozambique and S-Africa into a strange situation in Iceland. I had with me lot of photos and sketches and a need to work things out in my paintings. But after this trip maybe still closer to something I find important to handle and think about. As from earlier travels fascinated from a rythm of life I find in Africa.
In this absurd situation in Iceland now facing the economical corrumption here (of a certain groop of people) still worse than could be expected I found though my way in the drawings.
There I was with one foot in Africa and the other here in Iceland and everything connected with something old and even also with my old works, with themes about values and of course the struggle of humans living with the same elements in one world.
What is coming out of these drawings is still a question for me but they are anyway my way of thinking.